Rodrigo B. Camacho



artistic director | composer | performance designer | PLACE

I have a natural predisposition to do lots of different things, but at the same time, I also take pleasure from being utterly rigorous at everything I do. This means that at times I will be found concentrating deeply on just one thing at once, for what I certainly despise the most and cannot in any way accept is a piece of work which has been avoidably wronged.

I am naturally curious and will always look for opportunities to learn increasingly more and to continuously become better at what I do as an individual, as a member of teams and communities, and as a citizen, first European, but also of the world.

Whenever it becomes relevant or needed that I assume a leading role, I boldly take risks in order to try to creatively explore areas not currently overpopulated by other projects within the same sector. I do this in commissioning, in curating, in conceptual approaches to themes, topics and issues, in presentation, in rehearsal methodologies… basically in everything where I sense that the opportunity to innovate or be beneficially different is around us.